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About AV Equipment Cases

When it comes to the best AV equipment cases for your sensitive and fragile materials, Pelican cases are the answer. Whether servers, speakers, audio equipment, or other expensive items, these cases provide maximum protection for your belongings. These cases are fully customizable in terms of size and features whether with or without foam or dividers. All of these cases are also airtight and protected from the elements when you’re storing and/or transporting or traveling with your AV equipment.

About the SuperMAC

The MR1909-5/25/5-4U AV equipment case is the most compact container with a removable rack option. This makes equipment integration easier than ever before. The innovative design allows users to use every bit of the interior space, which is great for wiring and other equipment. This case contains a rack inside measuring 7 inches high with a 20-inch rackable depth. This compact rack case is made to be minimal in size, light in weight, and made with tough, durable material. This case can be configured with customizable options including sliding racks, drawers, casters, stencils, and labels or bezel plates.

Shop for AV Equipment Cases at Midwest Case Company

At Midwest Case Company, we offer many options for storing and transporting your AV equipment as securely as possible. We strive to provide a large variety of options and sizes to suit the needs of any customer. In order to learn more about what we offer in terms of heavy duty cases, visit our website at or call us at 1-800-515-1055 for more information.