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Types of Event Production Cases from Pelican

When it comes to finding ideal storage and transport solutions for event production equipment including AV equipment, rackmount cases are the answer. Event production cases like these offer ultimate and maximum protection for any customer. These cases are made to be airtight, watertight, and heavy duty to protect from all elements these cases may encounter. These cases are lightweight and compact perfect for any storage need.

About BlackBox Shock Racks

The BB0090 9U Shock Rack Case is a double-ended case that offers heavy-duty protection. It uses recycled materials in its shell along with a strong steel frame to offer great value. When you need an affordable yet high-performance event production cases, try a Pelican Shock Rack case. Sold in a variety of sizes, all of these racks contain edge casters that are built in to ensure they stay in place. These engineered racks provide a mobile electronics enclosure as well as shock mounts that provide sway space to isolate equipment and keep it in place at all times. Their patented wide-design Comfort grip handles make lifting easy too. These event production cases are great for radio communication systems, satellite communication systems, AV recording and processing systems, and other data recording and collection systems too.

Learn About Event Production Cases Today

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