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Hardigg Military Cases, a Durable Storage Option

When it comes to finding strong storage options, choosing military-grade products seems like the right way to go. All Pelican-Hardigg military cases come in black with standard cobalt steel black hardware and either plastic or spring-loaded steel handles. They are all equipped with a breather value, and they are empty with no foam. These Hardigg military cases, however, can be configured many ways to meet the needs of any customer. Hardigg offers a large options list that can be added to any case including label holders, casters, colors, stainless hardware, and much more. These cases are molded to order, so it’s important to double check all dimensions and features before purchasing.

About the AL1010-0904 Pelican-Hardigg Case

The AL1010-0904 Pelican-Hardigg case offers a molded-in, tongue-in-groove gasketed parting line for tight seals as well as splash resistance even after any impact occurs. It also has reinforced corners and edges as well as recessed hardware for added protection. With comfort grip handles, it is easy to transport and maneuver when needed. Its positive anti-shear locks prevent lid separation from occurring after any impact and helps to reduce the stress on the hardware overall. Its molded-in ribs make it secure and offer non-slip stacking solutions during transport. These cases are molded from lightweight, high-impact polyethylene with one-piece construction and no foam. This military case offers a total depth of 12.7” and a lid depth of 4”.

Learn More About Hardigg Military Cases

Midwest Case Company offers a large range of customizable Hardigg military cases to choose from. These cases are custom ordered, meaning they are only constructed from an order. They can be ordered in a variety of sizes, colors, and with many options to choose from. To learn more about Hardigg military cases and their customizable options, visit our website at or call us at 1-800-515-1055 for more information.