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What Heavy Duty Cases Do We Carry?

When it comes to heavy duty cases, Midwest Case Company offers a large variety including the Storm Case collection from Pelican. These cases are crushproof and have military-grade protection with a lifetime warranty. They are completely customizable and waterproof. They offer the safest transportable environment for expensive, vital, or sensitive equipment. A full line of sizes makes them useful for a variety of customers. Their HPX polymer resin is proven to resist impact at all costs. They also are airtight and watertight making them resistant to the elements including water, sand, and dirt. Shatter-resistant, dent-resistant, and unbreakable, these heavy-duty cases can withstand any impact in any environment. When it comes to heavy duty cases, Pelican storm cases are the answer to your storage needs.

About the IM2306 Pelican-Storm Case

The IM236 Pelican-Storm Case offers a unique press and pull latch that locks automatically, but opens easily with a light touch of the finger. These heavy-duty cases, no matter the model, are all guaranteed for life. Pelican storm cases are also made in the USA and made of only the best quality products. With a double-layered, soft-grip handle, they’re easy to transport when traveling or simply from job to job. They have powerful hinges and a Vortex valve allowing them to be sealed tight and protected from the elements, no matter where they are.

Search our Inventory of Heavy Duty Cases

At Midwest Case Company, we offer a large variety of heavy-duty cases in many sizes to fit the needs of any customer. To learn more about what we offer, visit our website at or call us at 1-800-515-1055 for more information.