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What are Light Shipping Cases?

When it comes to light shipping cases, ISP transport cases from Pelican are a great option. They are built with strong material in a variety of sizes to suit the shipping needs of any commercial customer. Their inter-stacking pattern cases help to eliminate any potential load movement and easily protects whatever is being shipped inside. Their patent-pending inter-stacking patterns are great for both military and commercial systems. They fit great in standard shipping pallets too as well as in Joint Modular Intermodal containers. Featuring an O-ring seal, this ensures these light shipping cases are always airtight, watertight, and secure throughout any elements, protecting items from water, dust, and sand.

About the IS4517-1103 No Foam Light Shipping Case

This light shipping case includes two edge casters making it easy to move, but also keeps it in place when needed. Pelican-Hardigg ISP cases such as the IS4517-1103 case eliminates load movement with its ISP pattern that is great for commercial transportation systems. Cross-stacking is achieved as any ISP case can stack over another with ease. This helps with tight loads and saves time when it comes to netting or strapping down shipments. Its skid runners offer the ability to move this case with a forklift if needed. The O-ring seal featured in Pelican light shipping cases creates a watertight and airtight seal, which protects from sand, dust, and water.

Buy Light Shipping Cases Today

At Midwest Case Company, we offer many different options for lighting shipping cases for your commercial needs. They come in a variety of sizes with or without foam for your convenience. To learn more about our selection, visit our website at call 1-800-515-1055 for more information.