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What are Pelican Air Cases?

Pelican air cases are lightweight sometimes up to 40% less than other polymer cases from their brand. They are great lightweight travel cases for a variety of equipment including sound, AV, cameras, and drones, amongst other things. These cases feature an automatic purge valve that helps to keep dust and water out while balancing air pressure at all times. Their retractable extension handle makes them easy to carry and to transport from here to there. They’re made of a lightweight polymer material that is strong and durable as well as dent-resistant.

About the 1615AIR Pelican Air Case

The 1615AIR Pelican Air Case was designed to cut weight without compromising strength and durability. It has been drop tested and submerged under water for an hour in order to assure its airtight construction. It is made of a lightweight resin material that lasts a lifetime. These cases are available with or without foam as well as with a divider set or a variable divider system if needed. This wheeled check-in case is great for transporting a variety of equipment safely and securely.

Shop for Pelican Air Cases at Midwest Case Company

At Midwest Case Company, we pride ourselves on offering a large inventory of cases to suit every customer. Whether Pelican air cases, ISP cases, Micro cases, NSN cases, or GoPro cases, we have a large selection of airtight and heavy-duty cases. To learn more about the models of Pelican air cases that we offer, visit our website at or call us at 1-800-515-1055 for more information.