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How Rackmount Cases Protect Your Equipment

Rackmount cases are the ideal solution for storing and transporting sensitive and fragile AV equipment. Whether audio, servers, or other rackmount equipment, they provide maximum protection for all your rack mount case needs. Pelican-Hardigg cases allow customers to customize cases to their specific needs whether with or without foam and with dividers inside the heavy-duty case. All of their cases are airtight and protect your equipment from the elements at all times, especially during travel.

About Rackmount Case Options

When it comes to choosing a rackmount, your needs will vary on your equipment, the size, volume, and how and where you’re transporting it to. The Super-V-9U Shock Rack Case offers 24 inches of rackable depth. These cases come with comfort grip plastic handles and lid hangers for storing the lids when they are removed. Coupling catches are also securely stacked with ease. A sealed gasket and pressure relief valve help to make sure these rackmount cases remain watertight. They do come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of any customer. Weight ranges from 100 pounds to 170 pounds, so yes, they are made of a heavy-duty dent-resistant material. The MR1926-5/29/5-14U rackmount case is another option that weighs just 58 pounds and is a compact rack case that is made to be minimal in size and light in weight.

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