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Durable Heavy Duty Transport Cases Get It There Safely

Expensive instruments and other equipment are costly and inconvenient to replace, so it’s much smarter to simply be sure that it will arrive safe and intact to its desired destination. The best way to do this is with durable heavy duty transport cases from Midwest Case Company. And, just because a case is heavy duty, that doesn’t mean it has to be heavy too!  Midwest Case Company has an assortment of strong, durable cases that are also light in weight. They’re available with or without foam, and accessories like dividers are available too.

The 1557AIR Pelican Air Case Is Your Rugged Travel Companion

The 1557 Pelican Air Case from Midwest Case Company is a great travel companion for your specialized, sensitive instrumentation and equipment. These airtight cases are constructed of lightweight HPX resin that is designed to last a lifetime and is guaranteed for life. Our cases are drop tested and submerged in water to make sure they’re both rugged as well as airtight and will keep your equipment intact and dry. The added purge valve and business card holder are included, and they can also be purchased with the Trekpak variable divider system, which will keep your items separate and organized.

Find Out More About Heavy Duty Transport Cases

If you need a convenient and effective way to ship or transport your most valuable equipment, call Midwest Case Company to find out more about our heavy duty transport cases. We can be reached by phone at 1(800) 515-1055, or you can view our selection on our webpage at  Give us a call and let’s talk about what type of equipment you need to transport and we’ll be glad to help!