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Selection of Pelican Custom Transport Cases

If you’ve got equipment to ship, you want it to get to its destination intact as well as quickly and efficiently as possible. Pelican custom transport cases will help you get the job done. Since 1990, Pelican has provided its customers with cases for every shipping purpose and goal.  Our cases are made of top-quality materials and come in sizes, colors, and designs to meet every shipping need.  Sending expensive equipment to a hostile environment with extreme climatic conditions? No need to worry, because our durable cases are designed for the worst conditions with water and dust proof seals.  You can rest assured that your equipment will arrive in the same shape as when it was sent.

The Pelican IS2917-1103 Foam Filled Transport Case

You need not worry about your equipment being shifted around in transit when it’s shipped in the Pelican IS2917-1103 Foam Filled Transport Case.  These cases are designed with the Pelican Inter-Stacking Pattern that keeps a load in place during shipping. This durable, lightweight foam-filled transport case meets military standards and is offered in six different sizes and five different colors to meet your needs. They’re also easy to move because of the edge casters and skid runners that create ease of movement regardless of case and load size.

Call For More Information

Midwest Case Company offers a wide range of Pelican custom transport cases in many different styles. If you need to ship items, products or equipment either locally or internationally, call us for more information about Pelican custom transport cases today. Reach us by phone at 1 (800) 515-1055 or visit our website at and let us answer any questions you may have.  We’ll be happy to help.