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Why Pelican Luggage Is the Best Choice for Travelers Who Want Peace of Mind for Their Belongings

At Midwest Case Company, we offer an extensive line of crushproof and watertight luggage that are made to withstand the difficulties of travel. The entire Pelican luggage line has been tested thoroughly so that our customers can feel confident that their luggage and personal items will always arrive in one piece on their next trip. No questions asked. The Elite luggage is constructed with double walls that withstand extreme loads of up to 1,500 pounds. It is also made for rugged durability and all luggage pieces are light in hand (the particular weight depends on the size of the luggage chosen). All Pelican luggage pieces have a limited lifetime guarantee of excellence.

The BA27 Elite Weekender

The BA27 Elite Weekender is just one of the many pieces of Pelican luggage available. Coming in black with black trim only, this luggage piece offers a lightweight design, weighing just over 12 pounds. It features recessed press and pull latches and a handle location that helps to maximize interior space for travelers. A built-in TSA combination lock further protects your items during travel. A watertight O-ring seal also protects your belongings from water, sand, dust, and nearly all other elements. Pelican has run a variety of tests to ensure Pelican luggage durability including a submergence trail to test if the case remained dry. Pelican luggage pieces meet all airline checked baggage regulations and measures less than the 62” requirement.

Learn More About Pelican Luggage

Here at Midwest Case Company, we offer a large variety of different Pelican luggage pieces. We offer a large range of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit the needs of every person traveling. To learn more about our luggage inventory, visit our website at or call 1-800-515-1055 for more information.