1550EMS Pelican EMS Case ID: 18.43″ L x 14.00″ W x 7.62″ D


Pelican™ 1550 EMS Case features a specially designed lid organizer to hold medical bottles and small supplies in the lid and has a fully customizable padded divider set in the bottom for your larger items. The 1550 EMS case system is perfect for quick and easy inventory and storage of pre-filled syringes, solutions, vials, etc. along with all the other accessories carried by professional EMS technicians worldwide. Cases are also pad-lockable.

Pelican Case 1550EMS shipping case dimensions are : ID: 18.43″ L x 14.00″ W x 7.62″ D OD: 20.62″ L x 16.87″ W x 8.12″ D Weight: Empty 10.58 lb With foam 15.0 lbs.


Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 19 × 9 in


Interior Length:

Interior Width:

Interior Depth:

Interior Length Range:

Interior Width Range:

Interior Depth Range:


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