28-7499 Blow Molded Case ID: 9.50 L x 6.0 W x 2.69 D Lid .59 Base 2.10


28-7499 Blow Molded Case. Blow Molded Rugged Polyethylene Cases feature tough double wall construction, can�t rust, chip or corrode, withstand termperatures -35 degrees F to +150 degrees F. Label Recess area on lid. Grain texture with rugged handles. All cases include a foam sets to protect the contents. Perfect for salesman sample kits, electronic equipment, medical products, instruments etc. Color black.
Weight 1.37 lb.
Inside Dimensions: 9.50 L x 6.0 W x 2.69 D Lid .59 Base 2.10

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 6 × 2.69 in


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