Our Story

It was 1989 when I lost my job as a general manager of a electronics distributor in Indiana due to a down-turn in the economy. I was devastated and floundered for a few months and couldn’t find a job. Then, my wife kicked me in the butt and said, “get going”, so I got going. I met with a small sales representative firm headquartered in Michigan to have a discussion about expanding his lines into Ohio, our home state. The name of his company was Infinity Sales. After the meeting I headed home, but before I drove off, I asked God to show me the way. It was about 10 PM and traffic was light on the highway. When I got to the top on the entrance ramp I settled into the right lane and suddenly a car pulled in front of me and for no good reason, that I was aware of at the time, the cars brake lights went on. The car was an Infinity automobile and on the left brake light was the Christian fish symbol which is shaped like the infinity symbol. I remember thinking, that was a quick answer to a prayer. When I got home that night, I mentioned this to my wife and went about the weekend as normal. We went to church on Sunday and the new young pastor was having the ushers pass around pieces of the Sunday newspaper. He then asks everyone to see if they could find an article or something in the newspaper that showed how God was working in the world today. Would you believe that I had the automotive ads. I looked at my wife and said, “how am I going to find how God is working in the world today in an automotive ad”. Then I saw it. The largest ad on the page was for an Infinity car dealer. Above the ad in white letters on a black field, like a beacon, was the words “Get The Message”. I did get the message and I joined Infinity Sales as the new partner in Ohio. Later my wife and I bought the whole company and we evolved to be Midwest Case Company. That was 32 years ago.

If I could share one piece of advice, it would be: Don’t be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

Gary Kreemer
Midwest Case Company