3SKB-5260 SKB 52 to 60 inch TV-Monitor Case


The interior of this large format TV-Monitor case features a universal foam padding system that is designed to hold one or two monitors from 52″ to 60″ in the desirable upright position.

This Large TV-Monitor case is rotationally molded of LLDPE Polyethylene for strength and durability with a weather resistant gasketed tongue and groove valance, heavy-duty twist latches that will accommodate a customer supplied padlock on each side, forklift rails for convenient transport, two cushioned rubber over-molded lift handles on each side for a two man lift and edge wheels and convenient tow handle; perfect for storing your large format monitors in the storeroom or maneuvering to trade shows or events.

The 3SKB-5260 LCD Monitor case offers quality construction, is made in the USA and is ship-able by LTL truck only. Weight 129.10 lbs.

Outside Dimension 63″ L x 15″ W x 50″ D

Case has built in Edge Casters and forklift provision

Lifetime Guaranteed.

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  • Rotationally molded of LLDPE Polyethylene for strength and durability
  • Holds 52″ to 60″LCD screens in desirable upright position
  • Foam padding system for easy configuration
  • Corner wheels for tilting and easy transport
  • Cushioned rubber over-molded tow handle
  • Two cushioned rubber over-molded lifting handles on each side
  • Weather resistant gasketed tongue and groove valance for moisture protection
  • Heavy duty twist latches with pad-lockable latches on each side
  • Convenient forklift rails for easy shipping
  • Can be shipped by LTL Truck only.

Additional information

Weight 146 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 52 × 18 in


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