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Lighting Equipment Cases Keep Delicate Equipment Safe

If you are someone who does photo shoots, videos, interviews and the like and you need to have your lighting equipment shipped ahead so that it’s ready when you arrive, you need a lighting equipment case that is strong and reliable enough to protect the investment you made in your equipment.  Midwest Case Company can deliver just what you need from our comprehensive inventory of Pelican lighting equipment cases. Our collection is made of durable HPX resin that is guaranteed for life, and you’ll find cases for your every need that are ergonomically designed with protection and economy in mind.

Consider the 1780 Pelican Case

Midwest Case Company offers the 1780 Pelican Case, which is a versatile, space-saving case that’s durable and lightweight. The standard case comes with no added accessories but is customizable by adding our Pick ‘N Pluck Polyurethane foam, which comes in a pack of 6 total pieces of varied thicknesses that can be used to create protective compartments. Lid organizers can also be added to organize your smaller items, and the case lid is fully removable. Three neutral colors that easily blend with the environment are available, and when empty, the case weighs only 38.4 lb. Added foam brings the weight up to 49 lb.

Call to Learn More About Our Inventory of Pelican Cases

If you need a lighting equipment case for your interview project or photo shoot, call to learn more about our inventory of pelican cases. Midwest Case Company offers a full line of Pelican merchandise, and you can browse our website at We’re also available by phone at 1 (800) 515-1055 and our representatives are eager to help you.