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Event Production Cases Help You Set Up Your Event

When you’re planning to set up a live event, you want to focus your energy on the event itself, not your equipment. Midwest Case Company understands that every event is different and that the props and equipment used to set it up are unique to the event.  We value you as a customer and will give you personalized service, so when you call us, we’ll be happy to discuss your equipment and any issues you face in transporting it to the desired destination. Then you can choose from our wide selection of event production cases to find the product that best meets your specific needs. Our event production cases are durable, ergonomic, and will allow you to put your energy into your event, not the hassles of shipping and setting up your equipment.

Consider the IS4521-2303 Foam Filled Event Production Case

Pelican-Hardigg ISP cases are designed with safety in mind. The IS4521-2303 Foam-Filled Event Production Case is made so that it eliminates nearly all load movement, giving maximum protection to delicate event production equipment. The convenient attachment points make it easy to use the case on tables, desks or benches, and the o-ring creates a watertight seal that also protects your equipment from dust. The IS4521-2303 Foam-Filled Event Production Case is offered in six sizes from 4 to 25 cubic feet and in five colors to meet your needs.

Check Out Our Wide Selection of Event Production Cases Today

If you’re planning a live event and need a great way to transport your equipment, check out our wide selection of event production cases today. You can reach us by phone at 1(800) 515-1055 or visit our website at and look over our wide selection.  We’re here to help you.